About Lakeview Properties

Lakeview Properties apartments began as part of an outreach ministry from Lakeview Christian Church, sponsored at the time by parent company Lakeview Manor. It has been a family-owned and operated business for many decades.  Lakeview Manor began as a nursing home by Thomas Paino, Jr. , who saw a need for affordable apartment living for the senior community in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Lakeview Properties Management Team: 
Since its origination, each of the Lakeview properties has been managed and operated as a family business, with a mission for providing the best living environment for seniors. Lakeview Village Senior Apartments in Speedway, Indiana opened in 1979, with a Phase II expansion in 2003.  Lakeview Place senior apartments in Danville, Indiana, opened in 1985.

Lakeview’s current owner and operator, Trent Paino runs both properties, and his wife, Ellie, serves as the properties’ on-site service coordinator. Trent’s father, Timothy Paino, was part of the original sponsorship, construction and management team, and currently manages and sits on the board of directors for the properties.